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Medical Disposable Products In South Africa

Medical disposable products are a necessity is clinics and hospitals. Here at Multi Surge CC we understand the importance of top quality medical disposable products. All of the products from Multi Surge CC are well accepted throughout the country in all major hospitals and clinics. Since we have gone into business, our company has grown organically and surged ahead providing a comprehensive range of products at reasonable prices. We provide medical disposable products such as:

  • Non-woven mop caps.
  • Non-woven overshoes.
  • Non-woven surgeons beret.
  • Non-woven surgical hood (Balaclava).
  • Non-woven nurses bonnet caps.
  • Sterile surgeon gowns.
  • Non-sterile patient gown.
  • Theatre masks. We furthermore stock N95 masks. N95 masks have a filter efficiency level of 95%, are fluid resistant and disposable as well.
  • Surgeon re-usable aprons.
  • Scrub suits.
  • Gauze products
  • Medical gloves

Quality syringes and needles

Are you looking to buy syringes and needles in bulk? Well here at Multi Surge CC we have what you are looking for, in the quantities you are looking for them in. We manufacture and supply all of the different types of syringes and needles that you could possibly need to efficiently run a hospital or clinic. We can also supply you with specialist syringes and needles such as biopsy needles. Biopsy needles are an important part of any hospital or clinic as they are used to obtain a sample of cells for laboratory testing.

Multi Surge CC manufactures only the best quality surgical disposable products. All of our surgical disposable products are made from the finest stainless steel and plastic available ensuring their durability as well as reliability. When performing a surgery it is very important to ensure that everything runs smoothly- with so much that can go wrong, the surgeon should be focusing on their patient and their patient alone. With Multi Surge CC, you will never have to worry about faulty surgical or medical disposable products again. We understand that the people working in the medical field are responsible for saving thousands of lives and it is because of this that we make all of our products like n95 masks, cvc sets, glucometers, biopsy needles, hb meters and medical gloves with the utmost care and attention.

We have factories and branches at plenty of locations around the country such as Wadeville, Johannesburg, Redhill, Durban and Cape Town- making it easy and convenient for us to get your supplies to you in the fastest time possible. Our company maintains the following core values and goals:

  • Dedication to every patient’s health.
  • Commitment to provide superior healthcare to the respective communities.
  • Supporting employees’ excellence and happiness.
  • Creating wealth ethically through profits and growth.

For your medical disposable products requirements contact us today.